Photo Of The Week

November 23, 2023

This is a featured photo of the week. I will try and update this weekly with a favorite photo.

  • Common Name: Mule Deer
  • Scientific Name: Odocoileus hemionus
  • Date Taken: August, 2013
  • Location: Cape Blanco, Oregon
  • Photographer: Howard Cunningham

  • Mule deer are divided into two sub-species of
    Black-tailed Deer. They are found in the western
    U.S., from the Canadian Rockies to the Mexican
    deserts. Named for their large ears, they prefer
    open, dry habitats, and are found in semi-deserts,
    deserts, hilly, and mountainous areas. They can
    live to ten years of age in the wild. They are
    ruminants, their diet consisting of twigs, shoots,
    grasses, leaves, seeds, and berries. Social
    animals, the males and females live seperately in
    small heards of three or four. They are polygamous,
    rutting occurs from October to December. One or
    two fawns are born in June or July. With good
    night vision, they are most active in the early
    morning and late evening.

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